A Little About The Road Less Traveled Family

If you've known me for a while, you will know that our family of four have been traveling full time in our Keystone Sprinter 5th wheel for over 4 years! It's been an awesome experience so far and has helped me to learn some life lessons that I would not trade for anything!

In this post I'm going to share with you a little bit about our story, and some tips we've learned along the way.

Our Story

We did not chose this RV life. It chose us. We bought our dream homestead in Texas a few years ago.... and then lost it and everything we owned a year later when we found Toxic Mold and my girls and I got sick.

My husband said let’s just get an RV and travel. I said HELL no. But I mentioned it at a ladies prayer meeting and everyone said... DO IT. I told them I needed a sign from the Lord. A big one. Like I needed him to just put an RV in my driveway.Oh friends.... 1 week later some friends called and said we heard if your situation and we don’t know if this will help... but we have an RV we don’t use anymore and it’s yours if you want it. We paid $1.

Looks like the Lord has spoken.

That was 4 years ago. It’s been quite the adventure. We mostly boondock (dry camping without hook ups) on BLM land (bureau of land management) for free. We go deep in the forests of Colorado or Wyoming. But we are native born Texans and stay Texans at heart. We just chose to escape the Texas summers and head to the mountains. Lol

So come follow along with us. Who knows maybe one day we will meet you out of the road less traveled! 

Lessons Learned

After traveling for a few years we have learned.... the hard way.... that plans RARELY go as planned. If your new to RVing here is my best tip: Plan flex days

Plan at least 1 full day for every 3 days of travel. Don’t pack your schedule so tight that you have to meet family in 3 days and you plan to drive all 3 days. Be sure you have an extra day. 4 days time for 3 days travel.

Because days like this happen. Often. We had a blow out yesterday. And have spent the last 3 hours getting new tires. Praise God we are in small town Texas and they got us right in! Bonus when your in Texas you can pet the neighbors horses while you get new tires.

We have a full flex day built in before we have to be at a doctors appointment in Colorado. Whew. Cause looks like we are stuck here today.

Mamas. Let me tell you. This has been a CHALLENGE for me. The Lord has BIG TIME grown me and humbled me and helped me to give up so much control.... well.... a little control anyway. Haha. But it feels like a crap ton. You can plan. But plans will almost always change. So just plan for that! Lol.

Hang in there new RV friends. You got this. It’s totally worth it.

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